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Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam Embassies/Consulates
Vietnam Embassies/Consulates
The Vietnamese Overseas – Enter Vietnam Without Visa
Vietnam is now open and truly welcomes visitors from almost every corner of the world. Yet, above all, the nation and the Government is warmly welcoming every Vietnamese person who is now residing far from Vietnam, his/her fatherland, by offering Vietnam visa exemption for them to enter Vietnam.
Vietnam Customs And Immigration
Customs Customs procedures in Vietnam are quick and simple. To enter and exit Vietnam, visitors are required to fulfill the entrance and exit procedures in the form (in Vietnamese or in English languages).
Visa Exemption Between Vietnam-Cambodia
After a working session about the tourism development cooperation program among Kien Giang province and some border-overland and Thailand coastal provinces, on 15th March 2009 afternoon, Minister of Cambodia tourism – Thong Khon- stated that Vietnam and Combodia Governments have come to a mutual agreement of visa exemption for Vietnamese citizens to Cambodia and vice versus.
Vietnam Public Holidays 2011-2012 Calendar
The next Vietnam public holiday is September 2nd, Vietnam Independence Day. Vietnam is changing policy on holiday to have long weekends instead of scattering days off throughout the year. Most public holidays are to observe important historic events or celebrate New Year. Some holiday varies from year to year due to the time difference between Lunar and Solar calendar.
URGENT NOTICE: Immigration Office is closed for Tet Holiday
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